Hear from Clients

“I worked with Rachel (WCW) to deal with sleep and diet issues. I was impressed not only with her professionalism, knowledge and counseling acumen, but her sense of integrity. Rachel brings skill, honesty and a client first approach to her work. I highly recommend the services of WCW.”


“I have never felt better and have worked towards a sustainable healthier life that benefits not only myself but my family as well. I recommend West Coast Wellness and Rachel Cazavilan to anyone wanting to approach nutrition and wellness for life as she possesses a unique skill set that will put you at ease and able to make positive enduring life changes.”


“Rachel was absolutely amazing, patient, and easy to connect with; she helped me figure out what I personally needed to do to get where I wanted to be. And although I’ve since moved away, Rachel has taught me so much, and EVERY SINGLE DAY I implement things that she taught me. She’s positively influenced my life in so many ways, and continues to do so. HIGHLY recommended!”


From a Feast Nutrition Challenge Participant: 

“Before FEAST:  Feeling sluggish at different times, eating the same boring foods, not being conscience of how many vegetables I was eating, eating way to much sugar in places I didn’t even know it was hidden.  Not preparing or planning well for hard workout days, or just hard days in general.  Drinking a lot of coffee to power myself through long days.

Results of FEAST: 
Clarity…more energy…and an almost euphoric feeling at times.  I have found myself thinking more clearly, being less stressed,  sleeping better, and recovering from workouts at a faster rate.   I have also found that I am more organized with everything in my life, not just food.  I have found time to try new recipes, and new foods that I have never tried before.  It has forever changed the way I will snack.  I now always have a green and protein and a fat whenever I eat.  This combination has made me realize how important it is to give your body a variety of foods that are clean and can work together to provide the most efficient nutrients.

Thanks for all you do.”