Private Sessions:

  • Individuals (early teens+), Couples, and Family
  • 50 minute sessions
  • Guaranteed confidential
  • Personalized treatment
  • In-person, telephone, email, gchat, or Skype*


Nutrition Plans:

  • 30-day and 45-day tracks
  • 6- month and 1-year tracks
  • Individual or group challenges
  • In-person, telephone, email, gchat, or Skype*


Group Sessions:

  • 50 minutes, twice each month
  • 4 to 7 people, formed among friends, coworkers or family members. Or, we can place you in a group with others that share your goals and challenges.


Athlete Services:

  • Nutritional Programming designed to support the athlete’s training
  • Sports mindfulness counseling
  • Individual or team programs
  • In-person, telephone, email, gchat, or Skype*


Company Employee Health Seminars:

  • Group programs designed to meet the demands specific to the work environment
  • Educational lectures and exercises
  • Company resources


Other Seminars & Workshops:

Speaking engagements, seminars and workshops will be posted and announced here.
*Virtual therapies are a great option for clients anywhere in the world. Sessions take place over the telephone, email, gchat, or Skype.