Big #trysomethingnewMonday news!

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Big #trysomethingnewMonday news!

A little #trysomethingnewMonday news for you all!


If you keep up with me and West Coast Wellness, you know that one of my (most beloved) roles/jobs is to run a therapeutic mentoring program through the Eugene Family YMCA. I train volunteer mentors to be pseudo-counselors, match them with a youth in our community that could use the extra support, and supervise and partner with the match for a year. It’s immensely fulfilling work and I love it so! 


But truly nothing could replace my love of counseling and being part of personal growth in wellness and wholeness and health…physically, emotionally and mentally, for individuals and families in our community. So I intend to wear both of these hats for the long haul, and in an effort to streamline…well my schedule and travel time, if nothing else…and open up more availability for clients on my waiting list, I have moved my practice office right into the Eugene YMCA building.


The staff and leadership here have been so gracious and have carved out a little space for me in an already bursting-at-the-seams building (did you know we’re working on a new building project?? and I am incredibly grateful. The YMCA is bustling with kids and families and yogis and exercisers and swimmers and pick-up basketball games and educational programs for cancer survivors and diabetes fighters and there are free talks and childcare programs and a great little cafe and most of all, staff members who are fully invested in the mission of the Y and who have been there for years and fully intend to retire there…And I just can’t think of a better place for West Coast Wellness to be.


Please share with local friends and family who you think might be interested in meeting and talking with me before my full schedule gets too full!


Happy to share this great news with you, on lovely sunny day!