The trendy buzzword of the week? Self-Care.

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The trendy buzzword of the week? Self-Care.

This may be a little too “Warm-Fuzzy-Wednesday” for you, and admittedly it is a teeny bit for me too, but I love the concept! At the end of the day, it comes down to what we do, not what we intend. Life is about habits. We can be inspired and excited about something, but it’s in the commitment to action, the discipline,…by the minute, by the hour, by the day, that we really start to see things happen for us. I saw this quote today, and being the lover-of-a-good plan that I am, it resonated with me!


Taking care of ourselves and our own needs…this isn’t a luxury! It’s a necessity, yet somehow it can be just as difficult to make habitual than any of the less feel-good things in our lives that we make happen every day.

Knowing that I can’t function at my fullest without a good night sleep isn’t enough to force me to get it. I have to plan for it. Being excited about eating foods that fuel me instead of wear me down isn’t enough. I have to pre-plan and prep to make it happen each day. Loving time spent in the gym, with friends, up a mountain, _____________ (fill in the blank) isn’t enough. I have to get that stuff on my calendar and work my way through the things that make turning these must-haves into a reality. Life, business, stress, exhaustion…it’s like running through mud! It should be easy to do things you love on a regular basis, right?! Not right. Nope. (And don’t even get me started on making difficult things habits).

So, to my point…how about a self-care PLANNER!? I happened upon this one today…see? I brain stormed a little bit, and will keep brain storming, about what would fit into my self-care calendar. Massages, lunch with friends (anything with friends), naps, early bedtimes, getting my hair done, reading, Olympic lifting, watch a cute puppy video (it alllllll counts), a phone call to my sisters, facials, packing a lunch and a snack, a bath…I think you get my idea.

My first step, and the first thing I did for planned self-care was just adding a calendar to my regular google-calendar set up titled “Self-Care”! And it’s pink. And just like that it’s part of my life (because if you know me, you know my google-calendar is a very big part of my life).

My first goal is to get something pink each week. I’ll make that happen for a month or so, and then it’s going to be 2 times a week…and so on.

I’ll report back and let you know how this worked for me! In the meantime…what are your plans for self-care?